Liberty Explorer Gun Safe Features

Body Construction – 5/5 Rating

The construction of the safe is of the high quality provided by Liberty Safes. It uses a 12 gauge, three piece, body design with a one inch thick composite security door. Along with the sturdy steel construction, the exterior of the this fingerprint gun safe provides a durable, textured black finish to provide some style to go along with its solid construction.

Security – 4.8/5 Rating

Meeting California DOJ Approval, the EX23 from Liberty Gun Safes, provides many of the standard security features found on entry level models. To go along with the U.L RSC listed dial combination lock, the safe provides 8 1″ locking bolts. To provide additional security, there is a Fail-Safe, punch and drill, relocker in the case of attempted drilling of the safe lock.

Fire Rating – 4.5/5 Rating

Finding a safe with a fire rating can be very important for many gun owners because it gives peace of mind that in the case of a fire, their thousands of dollars worth of firearms will be safe. While this safe does not provide multi-hour fire protection, it does have a 30 minute fire rating at 1200 degrees using fireboard as well as a Palusol heat-expanding seal on the door. There are 2 layers of fireboard located in the ceiling, 1 on each side of the safe, 2 in the door jamps, and 2 in the door itself to provide at least some fire protection at a reasonable price.

Warranty – 5/5 Rating

Unlike many 1 year warranties offered by many manufacturers, Liberty Safes provides a lifetime warranty that will cover material or workmanship defects of the locking mechanism in addition to replacing the gun safe free of charge if it is damaged due to fire, break-in, or break-in attempts. The only catch to the warranty is that it only covers the original purchaser. So if you buy your safe used, then you will not be covered by the lifetime warranty.

Overall – 4.7/5 Rating

While there are some features about the safe that may not fit the needs of high end gun safe seekers, if you’re looking for an entry level safe that is in an affordable price range, the Liberty Explorer EX23 gun safe is definitely for you. It provides flexible storage, strong and durable construction, in addition to a 30 minute fire protection at a very affordable price.

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