Honeywell Portable Air-conditioner and Dehumidifier Review

This efficient portable dehumidifier model is manufactured is validated by the reputed Honeywell trademark of quality. The Honeywell portable air-conditioner and dehumidifier offers triple functionality in one model.HONEYWELL Portable Air Conditioner with Dehumidifier 12000 BTU Auto Evaporative System_610x320

These include a fan, an air-conditioner as well as a best dehumidifier that makes this unit offer excellent value for money. The Honeywell portable air-conditioner and dehumidifier for basement cools and conditions one’s home environment making it a healthier living space.

Excess humidity levels indicate extra moisture in the air that one breathes. Moisture-laden air is often a trigger for a list of ailments and problems that it causes. Allergies, breathing problems and asthma top the list. Since certain cities are more prone to excess humidity levels all through the year, it becomes more important to purify the air of extra water. Other related moisture related problems include outbreaks of mold and mildew – which can also induce allergies and ailments. The Honeywell portable air-conditioner and dehumidifier is able to combat all these problems with its efficient air dehumidifying system.

Characteristics and Review of Honeywell Portable Air-conditioner and Dehumidifier:

The good news about this product is that, the installation process is a snap given four integrated casters that facilitate easy mobility between living areas. The Honeywell portable air-conditioner and dehumidifier also come with a handy remote control that enables precise and comfortable temperature control. The unit works on the basis of evaporative technology that allows several hours of continuous operation at the same high efficiency levels.

What it also has going for it is the 3.9 out of 5 total stars review on the popular site Amazon. This is an indication of the fact that most of its reviewers on the site, liked the product. In fact, there are about twenty reviews of the Portable Air-conditioner and Dehumidifier from Honeywell and most say that this product is definitely worth trying out. The price is also a big plus point of this air conditioner and dehumidifier. Coming at around $400, this product is quite affordable considering its many features. Talking about the features, some of them are listed below:

  • The auto-evaporative system makes the emptying of water buckets a redundant process. No more worrying about dripping collection pans and leaky buckets wetting your floor.
  • The Honeywell portable air-conditioner and dehumidifier uses the environmentally friendly refrigerant R410A.
  • The unit offers an extremely high dehumidifying capacity of 3.8 pints per hour (that translates upto 91 pints a day). This makes it the ideal choice for larger rooms and basements.
  • A clearly legible LED digital display indicates temperature and humidity settings for control purposes.
  • The Honeywell portable air-conditioner and dehumidifier is equipped with a scratch resistant body and durability promised by the Honeywell brand name.
  • Other notable features include a single hose pipe (3.94 ft) and side-by-side oscillation louvers.

Just as it seems according to the above list, this Honeywell Portable Air-conditioner and Dehumidifier is quite a satisfying product in general. Its negatives are not many. In fact, only a couple of reviewers have expressed some discontent about the sound that the machine produces. However, for a person who is planning to install it in a medium sized or rather large room, the noise is hardly likely to pose a problem. Therefore, the Honeywell Portable Air-conditioner and Dehumidifier can safely be said to be worth buying.

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