Best Flat Irons

Today’s flat irons come in different shapes, materials and sizes, making the process of choosing the best iron a daunting task for most of us. However, there are a few simple rules to keep in mind that will help in the decision process.

  • 1.Plate Material: Without a doubt, either ceramic or tourmaline plates are much better than traditional gold-tone metal or other materials (such as glass, jade, etc) on the market today. Both ceramic and tourmaline are incredibly smooth so hair won’t be tugged, caught or pulled. More importantly, both materials distribute heat evenly to avoid damaging hot spots. Tourmaline gets top grade in generating negative ions which helps to close cuticle layers for smooth hair surface and seal in hair’s natural moisture. Even more, negative ions can eliminate static on the hair so hair is left silky and firzz-free!
  • 2.Your Hair Type: There are multiple features in a flat iron that will help to determine whether it will be the right pick for your hair type. Such as temperature control setting, plate size, maximum temperature, etc. Your hair length will also play a role, as a rule of thumb, shorter the hair, smaller the plates. However, we all know it gets confusing reading through all of that. So to make it simply for you, we have polled our reviewers on their opinion for the best hair straightener and asked for their hair types. As a result, we have created a list of best flat irons based on each hair type. For best hair steamer check this guide.

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