A Look at Various Types of Soccer Balls

To the uninitiated, it may seem like all soccer balls are created equal, but anyone who’s spent some time on the field will be able to tell you that simple isn’t true. In this article, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the many types of soccer balls and explaining the differences, and helping you pick the right ball for any occasion! By the end of this article, you’ll understand more about the different types of balls, and when it’s good to use each one.

Cheap Soccer Balls Vs Expensive Soccer Balls

In the next section, we’ll talk a little bit more about FIFA approved and inspected balls. A professional-caliber ball will usually cost at least $150, but you don’t need to spend that much to get a great quality soccer ball. $40-60 seems to be the sweet spot between price and quality, where you’ll be able to get an excellent soccer ball without spending an arm and a leg. That doesn’t mean you can’t find good quality balls for closer to $15 or $20, but they’re not going to be as good as the higher end soccer balls. If you’re going to be playing serious games in a league, you’ll want to have a best soccer ball for the money.

FIFA Approved Vs FIFA Inspected

Some soccer balls will advertise that they have been either FIFA approved, or FIFA inspected. Many consumers will see either of these labels and assume that they mean the same thing, but that’s not true. Approved means that FIFA has taken a look at the soccer ball and it meets their high standards of quality. The quality of the ball you need is really going to depend on your budget, how much you want to spend, and how high of a level you’ll be playing at.

Indoor Soccer Balls Vs Outdoor Soccer Balls

Another factor in choosing the correct ball is whether you’ll be using it indoors or outdoors. There aren’t any set standards, and many balls are versatile meant for both indoor and outdoor, but here are some general rules of thumb to help differentiate the two. Indoor balls will generally have a softer outside, whereas outdoor balls are typically glossier. Outdoor balls may be lighter, since they need to travel much further distances. Outdoor balls are generally better protected from weather and he elements, for example they’re typically more waterproof.

Soccer Ball Sizes

To make things even more complex, once you’ve chosen the right soccer ball you’ve now got to select a size for it. Smaller soccer balls are used for younger players. Size one soccer balls are also referred to as “skills balls”, used to develop accuracy in footwork, dribbling, and ball control.

Final Thoughts on Soccer Balls

It’s easy to get carried away with every little stat, number and detail about various soccer balls when you’re trying to find the one that’s just right, but ultimately you’ll never know whether or not it’s the perfect soccer ball for you until you get out on the field and try it out. Don’t spend too much time worrying about whether you’re choosing the right ball or not, just choose your budget, grab something that seems good, lace up your favorite soccer shoes and start playing! A soccer ball isn’t going to make or break you as a player, it’s your skills. The most talented soccer players in the world would be just about as good if they were using $10 balls or $300 balls, what’s most important is taking the time to practice and get better.

How Often Should You Wax Your Car

You should wax your vehicle on a regular basis to protect your paint’s surface and preserve its shine and color. Waxing your car is preventive maintenance, just like changing the oil or rotating tires.

How often you apply wax to your vehicle will depend on your vehicle’s current paint condition and the type of car wax product you are applying. Most product labels say to wax your vehicle every 30 to 45 days, and you can pretty much throw this timeline out of the window. Remember the product manufacturers obviously want you waxing your vehicle as often as possible, so personally I would disregard this recommendation.

You may want to wax your car once every 30 days if you are desiring a deep shine and you mostly use quick detail wax or finishing wax. You would not want to use a rubbing compound, or highly abrasive cleaner wax that often as doing so could damage your vehicle’s paint which will protect your vehicle.

One way to determine generally whether your car’s paint could use a wax application is to wash the vehicle with water, and observe whether the water forms beads on top of the paint or forms sheets of water on the car’s surface. If the water mostly beads up on the vehicle’s surface, a wax application is probably unnecessary. If the water does not bead up, but falls into flat sheets on top of the vehicle’s surface, a wax application would be recommended.

A second way commonly used to determine whether your car needs a polish application is known as the squeak test. Fold a microfiber or terrycloth towel into a hand-sized square and press firmly to the vehicle’s surface. Twist the towel with your hand. If the twisting creates a squeaking sound, it is probably time for a wax application. If you hear nothing, a wax application is probably not needed at this time.

What Can Affect Your Medical Coding Salary?

Although wages for professional coders seem to be on a positive incline, there are many factors that will affect the salary of a medical coder. These can be, but are not limited to:

* Cost of living in the state you work in. For example, large coastal cities can be expensive like Miami and San Diego. Check this for more details http://codingandbillingsalary.com/medical-billing-coding-salary-overview/

However inner cities like Midwest towns will have a much more affordable living standard. You can see how expensive a state is by checking its minimum wage.

* Working in urban or rural regions. If you work in a city chances are you may be making more than your rural counterpart.

* How many hours you work per week. Although the majority of medical coders will work full-time and at least 40 hours a week, you can also get paid overtime. The good thing about the job is you can usually decide to subject yourself to overtime and thus better pay. You can see this CPC certification guide here

Along with your salary as a medical coder you also get a variety of benefits as alluded to in the beginning of this article. If you are unaware of what else comes with the job besides the number, here is a small list of potential benefits:

* Health insurance

* Life insurance

* Paid continuing education

* Paid sick leave

* Paid vacation

* Retirement plan

Being a certified professional coder looks pretty good now, doesn’t it? A secure job due to its high demand and the ability to work from home is tantalizing. If you are interested and want to get certified you can check out the AAPC website.

Brand New 10 Ft Trampoline Better Than Surplus

A 10 ft trampoline is smaller in size than the standard-sized one which is much easier to find in toy and garden stores. And because brand new best rated trampolines of this size are hard to find, families are more tempted to purchase previously owned ones. However, if you are valuing the safety of your children, a newly-manufactured trampoline is still better than surplus. Surplus, though cheaper, isn’t guaranteed to be safe because its materials may be worn out.

The standard size of a trampoline is 14 ft in diameter. Not many homes are able to accommodate this trampoline size due to their homes’ limited spaces. Hence, families instead opt for 10 ft trampolines since they are easier to fit into their small backyards. Unfortunately, most stores don’t sell these small trampolines, giving families a hard time to look for them. Troubled by the long search, families often give up and settle for second-hand 10-feet trampolines.Image result for trampoline

Buying second-hand surplus items can be beneficial for your wallets. Surplus items generally come at cheaper prices than new items sold in stores. The problem with any previously-owned item though is that you basically don’t know under whose care it has been – whether the item was properly taken care of, or if it had undergone damage that was only repaired using second-class materials. And even if a trampoline was well taken care of, time is an uncontrollable factor and it may be actually older and more worn out than you think it is.

Of course, the best 10 ft trampoline that you could purchase would have to be a new one. You just have to be patient in your search for it in different stores in your area. Or if it’s causing you too much trouble, you can simply buy one online. Check these skywalker trampoline too.

Also, if you are able to finally get hold of this small-sized trampoline, remember that the best ones always come along with 10 ft trampoline enclosure. The enclosure particularly made for a 10-feet trampoline can just be as hard to look for as the trampoline itself. It would be wiser to then look for a trampoline that already includes an enclosure with the package.

It is true that a 10 ft trampoline may be difficult to find. But you could always buy one online so looking for it wouldn’t cause you any more troubles. You also have the option of just being patient in your search, since it is the safety of your children that’s at stake here. A new one is always better than a surplus, safety-wise, and you should never settle for second-best.

Honeywell Portable Air-conditioner and Dehumidifier Review

This efficient portable dehumidifier model is manufactured is validated by the reputed Honeywell trademark of quality. The Honeywell portable air-conditioner and dehumidifier offers triple functionality in one model.HONEYWELL Portable Air Conditioner with Dehumidifier 12000 BTU Auto Evaporative System_610x320

These include a fan, an air-conditioner as well as a best dehumidifier that makes this unit offer excellent value for money. The Honeywell portable air-conditioner and dehumidifier for basement cools and conditions one’s home environment making it a healthier living space.

Excess humidity levels indicate extra moisture in the air that one breathes. Moisture-laden air is often a trigger for a list of ailments and problems that it causes. Allergies, breathing problems and asthma top the list. Since certain cities are more prone to excess humidity levels all through the year, it becomes more important to purify the air of extra water. Other related moisture related problems include outbreaks of mold and mildew – which can also induce allergies and ailments. The Honeywell portable air-conditioner and dehumidifier is able to combat all these problems with its efficient air dehumidifying system.

Characteristics and Review of Honeywell Portable Air-conditioner and Dehumidifier:

The good news about this product is that, the installation process is a snap given four integrated casters that facilitate easy mobility between living areas. The Honeywell portable air-conditioner and dehumidifier also come with a handy remote control that enables precise and comfortable temperature control. The unit works on the basis of evaporative technology that allows several hours of continuous operation at the same high efficiency levels.

What it also has going for it is the 3.9 out of 5 total stars review on the popular site Amazon. This is an indication of the fact that most of its reviewers on the site, liked the product. In fact, there are about twenty reviews of the Portable Air-conditioner and Dehumidifier from Honeywell and most say that this product is definitely worth trying out. The price is also a big plus point of this air conditioner and dehumidifier. Coming at around $400, this product is quite affordable considering its many features. Talking about the features, some of them are listed below:

  • The auto-evaporative system makes the emptying of water buckets a redundant process. No more worrying about dripping collection pans and leaky buckets wetting your floor.
  • The Honeywell portable air-conditioner and dehumidifier uses the environmentally friendly refrigerant R410A.
  • The unit offers an extremely high dehumidifying capacity of 3.8 pints per hour (that translates upto 91 pints a day). This makes it the ideal choice for larger rooms and basements.
  • A clearly legible LED digital display indicates temperature and humidity settings for control purposes.
  • The Honeywell portable air-conditioner and dehumidifier is equipped with a scratch resistant body and durability promised by the Honeywell brand name.
  • Other notable features include a single hose pipe (3.94 ft) and side-by-side oscillation louvers.

Just as it seems according to the above list, this Honeywell Portable Air-conditioner and Dehumidifier is quite a satisfying product in general. Its negatives are not many. In fact, only a couple of reviewers have expressed some discontent about the sound that the machine produces. However, for a person who is planning to install it in a medium sized or rather large room, the noise is hardly likely to pose a problem. Therefore, the Honeywell Portable Air-conditioner and Dehumidifier can safely be said to be worth buying.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Guide

Samsung has launched new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 latest model with unique features of Note Series. Everyone wants to know about this phone in details. What is new in this phone? Every time Samsung try to give unique features that why today 8 out of 10 people love to buy Samsung smartphones. Samsung Note 7 is full featured phone and is smart as human being. In this post I will discuss in details about features offered in Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

As this phone come with large crystal clear amoled dual-curved screen of size 5.7- inch. The screen is protected under Gorilla Glass 5 and metal on the back that provides protection against any kind of jerk or shock. Even using 5 different modes we can customize our display. User can customize edge screen by placing most used apps and other important things.

S PEN makes it easy for you to write and draw effortlessly. As Samsung now reduced its thickness from 1.6mm to 0.7mm and has 4.96 pressure sensor levels that helps you in any kind of creative work and confirms smoothness and precision.

As if we talk about entertainment due to its large size screen and HDR feature you will enjoy videos and games on this phone. Every time it display thing originally without and compression and maintains contrast and colors.

The most important thing about phone is security or we can say that how your phone keeps your data and files secure. Samsung introduced a new security feature i.e. IRIS scanner that scan your IRIS to unlock your phone and we can customize this scanner on different apps. This scanner completely eliminates the problem of intruding. With IRIS scanner Samsung provides Fingerprint security, Pattern Lock, Password Protection, and Pin Protection.

If we talk about camera the camera of this phone is brilliant and I am sure it will meet your expectations. Samsung is giving 12 MP camera with dual pixel sensor that enables you to take picture is any light. If still you want more you can activate PRO mode and adjust ISO, Shutter Speed, Exposure, Color Tone, White Balance, and Focal Length according to need.

In terms of performance this phone is best in this class as this phone comes with 4GB of ram, powerful Processor and we can extend memory up to 256GB and for better backup this phone has battery of 3500 mAh. It supports universal Type-C port where you can directly plug your Samsung watch and other compatible devices without thinking which sides up because both sides work.


That is all about Samsung Galaxy Note 7 i.e. new member of note series. I wish after reading this post you can decide this phone is worth for your or not. I think this phone is complete package in terms of features and performance. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

Liberty Explorer Gun Safe Features

Body Construction – 5/5 Rating

The construction of the safe is of the high quality provided by Liberty Safes. It uses a 12 gauge, three piece, body design with a one inch thick composite security door. Along with the sturdy steel construction, the exterior of the this fingerprint gun safe provides a durable, textured black finish to provide some style to go along with its solid construction.

Security – 4.8/5 Rating

Meeting California DOJ Approval, the EX23 from Liberty Gun Safes, provides many of the standard security features found on entry level models. To go along with the U.L RSC listed dial combination lock, the safe provides 8 1″ locking bolts. To provide additional security, there is a Fail-Safe, punch and drill, relocker in the case of attempted drilling of the safe lock.

Fire Rating – 4.5/5 Rating

Finding a safe with a fire rating can be very important for many gun owners because it gives peace of mind that in the case of a fire, their thousands of dollars worth of firearms will be safe. While this safe does not provide multi-hour fire protection, it does have a 30 minute fire rating at 1200 degrees using fireboard as well as a Palusol heat-expanding seal on the door. There are 2 layers of fireboard located in the ceiling, 1 on each side of the safe, 2 in the door jamps, and 2 in the door itself to provide at least some fire protection at a reasonable price.

Warranty – 5/5 Rating

Unlike many 1 year warranties offered by many manufacturers, Liberty Safes provides a lifetime warranty that will cover material or workmanship defects of the locking mechanism in addition to replacing the gun safe free of charge if it is damaged due to fire, break-in, or break-in attempts. The only catch to the warranty is that it only covers the original purchaser. So if you buy your safe used, then you will not be covered by the lifetime warranty.

Overall – 4.7/5 Rating

While there are some features about the safe that may not fit the needs of high end gun safe seekers, if you’re looking for an entry level safe that is in an affordable price range, the Liberty Explorer EX23 gun safe is definitely for you. It provides flexible storage, strong and durable construction, in addition to a 30 minute fire protection at a very affordable price.

American Standard 2002.014.020 Review

Are you looking to make some toilet replacement done soon? Do you have replacement idea in mind that you’re looking to buy and to be installed in your home or office? If so, you consider an American Standard toilet model.

When it comes to best rated toilets, American Standard has been one of the most desired and preferred toilet brands due to its class, simplicity in design and top performance. With the new American Standard 2002.014.020, you get what your money is worth because it is sure to give you comfort and convenience.

American Standard 2002.014.020 Main Specifications – Best Toilet

It is one innovative and high performance toilet model recently introduced into the market and possesses of innovations to meet and exceed your demands from toilet brands.

• A wide 2 3/8 inch trap-way

• 4-inch flush valve

• ADA elongated tank and bowl combination

• EverClean Toilet Surface

• Flush System featuring a four-inch Piston-Action Accelerator Flushing Valve

• 100% Factory Tested Flush

Pros of the American Standard 2002.014.020– Best Toilet

• You never have to flush twice due to its powerful flushing action

• A quick, single-flush and quiet toilet

• Redesigned and innovative inner features

• Does create a plunger free life

• Virtually removes any issues with clogged toilets

Cons of the American Standard 2002.014.020 – Best Toilet

• You may need assistance from a plumber to get it installed

• The added height of the toilet isn’t for everyone

• The tank seems to move, but it doesn’t leak

Summary of Feedback – Best Toilet

People who bought the American Standard 2002.014.020 are praising its overall built and design. Many of them reveal how it brings them comfort and convenience in using a modern and sleek toilet that fits their space.

Who Should Buy the American Standard 2002.014.020 ? – Best Toilet

Anyone looking to have high performance and class in their toilet must buy the American Standard 2002.014.020. Whether you are trying to install it into your home or office, the installation location will not present any issues, even if you have a standard size toilet being replaced. This toilet is one of the best of its class for home and commercial installation.

Conclusion and Recommendations – Best Toilet

The only setback that the American Standard 2002.014.020 may have is the fact that its high comfort seat may present a problem to those who are not so gifted when it comes to its height, but most users have stated a great satisfaction regarding it and that their loved not so tall says that it is not a problem. Overall, this toilet model from American Standard is one of the highly recommendable toilet models for those who look to get more than what their money is worth.

How to buy a loft bed

Buying and Installing a Bunk Bed

Bunk beds can be safe, space saving sleeping areas, like rollaway bed does, as long as you do these things:

*Select a bunk bed that meets all current safety standards.
*Purchase your bunk bed from a well known and reputable dealer.
*Make sure that you follow the instructions carefully and assemble the bed correctly.
*Always be sure that your children follow safety rules regarding the bunk beds.

What to look for in a good bunk bed for kids:

We have created an outline of things to check on when purchasing a bunk bed for your child’s room. For more information you can check out the CPSC website for a complete list of bunk bed requirements.

1. Always purchase from a reputable dealer.
2. Get information regarding weight and size limits before you choose a bunk bed.
3. Make sure that your bunk bed has a minimum of 5″ from the top of the mattress to the guardrail.
4. Look for a safety sticker instructing on the safe usage of the bunk beds.
5. Purchase a bed made from good quality wood, not pressed plywood or cheaper products. The bed should have rounded or smooth edges with no sharp points.
6. Get a bed with a good quality ladder that is big enough for your children to climb safely.
7. Make sure the bunk bed comes with side or guard rails the full length on one side and close to 3/4 of the length on the other side.
8. Guard rails should be attached and not easily removed by children.
9. Most importantly; always teach your children the safety rules of bunk beds. Make sure they know how to be safe and keep them supervised whenever they are playing on or around the bunk beds.

Best Flat Irons

Today’s flat irons come in different shapes, materials and sizes, making the process of choosing the best iron a daunting task for most of us. However, there are a few simple rules to keep in mind that will help in the decision process.

  • 1.Plate Material: Without a doubt, either ceramic or tourmaline plates are much better than traditional gold-tone metal or other materials (such as glass, jade, etc) on the market today. Both ceramic and tourmaline are incredibly smooth so hair won’t be tugged, caught or pulled. More importantly, both materials distribute heat evenly to avoid damaging hot spots. Tourmaline gets top grade in generating negative ions which helps to close cuticle layers for smooth hair surface and seal in hair’s natural moisture. Even more, negative ions can eliminate static on the hair so hair is left silky and firzz-free!
  • 2.Your Hair Type: There are multiple features in a flat iron that will help to determine whether it will be the right pick for your hair type. Such as temperature control setting, plate size, maximum temperature, etc. Your hair length will also play a role, as a rule of thumb, shorter the hair, smaller the plates. However, we all know it gets confusing reading through all of that. So to make it simply for you, we have polled our reviewers on their opinion for the best hair straightener and asked for their hair types. As a result, we have created a list of best flat irons based on each hair type. For best hair steamer check this guide.